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"Coach Clint is one of the best coaches I have ever had. Clint's passion and dedication to the sport of triathlon is inspirational. His talent lies in his ability to coach all levels of athletes from professionals to a variety of age group levels. His workouts are challenging and very hard work at times - but there is always an element of "fun" to the training sessions! Clint is incredibly supportive and understanding of the goals and unique needs of the individuals he coaches. Clint is also a great friend who I highly respect and trust. MRT is a very positive and amazing group of athletes to be a part of."

- Charlene Waldner, Ironman Triathlete

"Clint has played a pivotal role in helping me develop and mature into a professional Ironman athlete. His knowledge and mental approach to training guided me to a second place finish at Ironman Canada in 2014. He continuously challenges and pushes me to become the best athlete I can be."

- Karen Thibodeau, Professional Triathlete

"Clint has been an excellent motivator and inspiration on our Tuesday night track nights. Rain, shine, sleet, or snow, Clint is there without complaint. It has been nice to have a coach who, himself, has the same amount of dedication and commitment which he demands from his athletes."

- Jayne Struch, Ironman Triathlete

"In just two years, Clint's knowledge, dedication, and patience has taken me from an age-group athlete to representing Canada at elite International competitions."

- James Cook, Professional Triathlete

"Coaching professionalism breeds athlete excellence. At any race, look around you; chances are high you'll find an MRT athlete on the podium."

- Dominic Bergeron, Triathlete

"The structure, motivation, and monitoring provided by MRT is truly priceless!"

- Carlos Vilchez, 70.3 Triathlete

"I have improved more in the first 4 months with MRT than I did in the previous 4 years with another group, and I am really enjoying it. The availability of workout times and the variability within the workouts allow me to adapt the program as required."

- Marianne Hooper, Triathlete

"MRT can satisfy the needs of beginners, good age group athletes and also elites. The cost is very reasonable and the coaching is personal. This not the usual online one size fits all or be charged $1000 a month coaching. MRT club and coaching provides excellent camaraderie and support at a very reasonable cost. I could not be more satisfied."

- Hillerie Denning, Ironman Triathlete

"Each Saturday begins with 2-3 hour spin sessions that are not only challenging, but definitely prepare me for some very strong cycling once I move to road riding. I know I can always count on the sessions progressing from week to week with purpose and intent. They have definitely made me a stronger rider. Thanks Clint and Team!"

- Daphne Dobko, Triathlete

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