New Season 2019-2020
September 10, 2019
Swimming in MY Lane
October 28, 2019

Season Start Up 2019-2020


Hey Gang,


Well it's almost time to start up again!


The first swim begins Tuesday October 1.

The first run at the track is Tuesday October 15

The first spin will take place October 16 at 5077 Lakeridge Place - THE SHED!

You can sign up for camera sessions now.  Do it here:


If you haven't heard we now have lanes from 12-1 Mon/Wed/Fri at Crystal Pool. 

Come and work on your technique and get some meters in! 

Everyone welcome!


I'll be putting in an order for swim equipment before the start-up swim.

You can pick anything from:



I usually get about 10-15% off the listed prices.  It varies depending on what you order.

Keep in mind that we use a lot of snorkel and fins.

Also I like this pull buoy because it's a good kick board as well that doesn't lift your front end too far out of the water:


If you want to order something, respond to this email and let me know what it is.


Also we'll put a kit order in before November.  We have a form here to place an order:


And stay tuned for Penticton camp announcements - coming soon!

Looking forward to our most exciting year yet!!


Have a great week,


Sept. 25, 2020


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