Indoor Bike Information

  • The Mercury Rising Spins run 3 X a week starting Monday Oct 15.
  • Each athlete should have their own trainer and bike.
  • They run Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and continue until it’s warm enough and light enough to ride outdoors.
  • This is usually early April.
  • The Monday, Wednesday sessions are 75 minutes long.
  • The Saturday Session starts at 2 hours but increases incrementally until the total session (including a short run-off) is 3 hours long by the new year.
  • The Monday session will be at the San Pen location until Dec 10th. After that we can decide if we want to shift to the Cook St. Location or maybe even keep both locations going!! EMAIL to weigh in on this! First spin Oct 15th. Start time – 5:55 PM.
  • The Wednesday session will continue at the Cook St. location. First spin Oct 17th. Start time – 5:55 PM.
  • The Saturday session will continue at the San Pen location. First spin Oct 20th. Start time – 8:30 AM.
  • This year, rather than doing a core session off the bike on Mondays, we will have longer a main set. In January we will be doing a short run off the bike both on Monday and Wednesday (one will be a flush – the other will contain some quality).
  • For information on Costs and Package options go to the Sign-Up page.
  • For any other questions just: EMAIL
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