Bike Info


Indoor Spin Class (October - April)


The Shed
5077 Lakeridge Place

Spin Sessions will also be streamed live HERE
for members who can't attend in person.


Monday and Wednesday:


What are the costs?

Online Only: $5/class
One Weekday: $165.00
Weekdays Only: $300.00
Saturdays Only: $240.00
One Weekday and Saturdays: $400.00
Full Spin Package: $495.00


What Do I Need to Bring? 

Each athlete should have their own trainer, bike, bike shoes, towel, food, water, and bike clothing.


Outdoor Bike Rides
(April - September)

Where does MRT ride?

Wednesdays: Meet at 6:30 PM at the base of the Observatory (5071 W Saanich Rd)

Saturdays: Meet at 9 AM at Lochside School

Wednesdays are hill repeats of Observatory Hill. Each Saturday will have a pre-planned workout. Members can log into the SESSIONS SCHEDULE HERE and see what’s coming up.

What are the costs?

Non-members: $50 + GST for the season. Approx 18 rides.
The outdoor rides are free to any members who has joined ANY of the spin programs or athletes who are privately coached by MRT.

What Do I Need to Bring? 

Each athlete should have their own Allen key, flat repair kit, helmet, bike, bike shoes, food, water, and bike clothing.



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